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"Beautiful. Wholehearted. Vulnerable. Powerful. Genuine. Believer. Wishful."
Nasima, Coaching Client

"A gorgeous reflection of the possibility and light in the world around you, and reminding me that *gasp!* YES. I'm a part of that possibility and light too!"
- Allison, Corporate Client

"She is fucking unbelievable."
- Rachel, Coaching Client

"A brilliant leader of healing and awareness in others and in the world."
Kristen, Numerology Client

"An agent of change in this world. We are all so truly blessed to be in her light."
 Anna, Corporate Client

"Cass's energy is so strong, so immensely passionate. She is an absolute angel and a firecracker all in one."
Emily, Retreat Client


Get the blood pumping in the veins kind of life. Open the heart as wide as we can kind of life.

They say miracles only happen in fairytales and tall tales. But I see rainbows. And birds flying right through the sky in the perfect moment. I see clouds putting on a show to bring all of the colors alive. I see it as I pause on the side of the road to look up. I see the way the clouds meet the light which holds the rainbow. I see the bird fly right over. I see it all. Big moments are truly just these small moments. Where miracles come alive just by simply witnessing. Taking a breath. Coming home again to the wild nature of this life. None of us truly in the knowledge of how we got here. Or how we have brains and hearts. And toes and fingertips. How we have the gift of crying to allow rivers to come through our eyes. And laughing to allow our body to bellow with aliveness. I think that this is the fairytale. It’s a real tale. It's here. The big reveal. Heaven on earth has always been here. And we are finally opening our eyes to the mere miracle begging to be witnessed by the present eye. Slow down. Catch your breath. Open your eyes. Here you are.

/ Cassedy O'Neill, written from the jungle of Mexico



Grab a hold of my #1 Bestselling poetry book - the sure song of here - a compilation of poems to bring you home into your senses. Read my published articles. Check out my blog posts. Join my weekly Substack writing publication: This One Magic Life.



Learn more about what I can bring to your audience. Give me a mic and I will bring the buzz. Keynote speaking. Festivals. Conference opener  and closer. Emcee. Available for helping build out engaging and meaningful meeting additions.


Looking to hire me for a workshop or wellness event? I have a strong creative force and love to create unique experiences. Let me know what you and/or your team or party are wanting. And let's turn some of those dreams into reality!


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Time didn't touch us, we moved slow, and loved hard and nothing was ever the same.


- Jazmin, 1:1 Coaching Client

"I don’t believe there are words that reach the extent to which Cass forced my fire through my bones and out through the distal ends of my body. How do you possibly describe what it’s like to not only encounter a human being of this caliber, but to work with them and laugh with them and cry with them? If there were a way to throw my feelings across every god damn soul so we could all experience something like this, I’d have the entire world lit up in flames."

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