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Perhaps we've got it all wrong

Perhaps we’ve got it all wrong. Perhaps we’ve been focusing too much on over there, or back there, that we forgot to really live. We forgot that the gift is the very thing within our body - our breath that reveals that we are alive. And perhaps the opportunity while we are here is to actually really live. And not just dream. And not just let our days pass us by.

Perhaps we get reminded of this when death knocks on our door and you hear another one has passed. That everything gets re-arranged into truth once more. And all the fluff goes away.

Let’s live alive while we are here. Coded with what brings us joy and makes us happy, so go for that. Follow those feelings. So that when we are laying at rest before we go, that we feel that we actually really lived. That we really did this thing called life. And expanded our horizons and took the leaps before we were ready. And trusted because it always, always, always works out the way its meant to.

Perhaps all of the fear being tossed around out there is an immediate blocker to really actually and fully living. ‘If, if, if’ can so easily show up at the door and stop us from actually choosing life. A simple answer in each moment of time.

Perhaps we’ve got it all wrong. Everything placed on the next accomplishment, the next vacation, the next version of us, the next, the next, but what about HERE. Where is your life right here? As you look around and see the scene of life right now all around you. What is here? How can you breathe more breath into your lungs here? What does living really look like? And feel like?

Perhaps death has to knock in order for us to remember this. That we never know when our time comes to float back into the light. That our time here on earth can be so dense at times. But we can always return to inviting more life into our world, wherever we are. However we are.

So can we have this dance with life? Can we decide that we really do want to live? And try and remember in the moments when our minds start moving faster than the highway?

It’s all here. It’s all here. Inside. Bubbling with life for us to remember that this life is the gift. And our time is now. So settle our worries into the ground, and let life sprout its wings for the richness of what is.

// Cassedy O'Neill, written in Quebec after the passing of my ex.



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