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I truly and wholeheartedly believe

that we are meant to live magical wonderful lives. To center our daily 'doings' around things that make us happy. Not that surface level of happiness that comes and goes, no, the deep deep soul contentment from of life of fulfillment and following your dreams and being resourced enough to sustain the peaks and valleys that so naturally ebb and flow.

I believe that no dream is too big to bring into form. Magic is real, and the life we see up in our imagination is coming true at our footsteps the more we lean into breaking ourselves free into our unique expression in this world.

Life is the gift,

Truth is the offering,

And everything gets to spill out from there.

I have been blessed with the gift of spending the last five years traveling around this beautiful planet sharing my magic
facilitating workshops
leading retreats
sharing words
writing books
hosting group coaching containers
offering 1:1 work
leading transformational breathwork sessions
practicing reiki healing
teaching numerology
teaching yoga
sharing photography
and translating my all around joy and zest for life
to thousands of beautiful humans. 

I have created a life that I love. A life that I feel free to be me. To invoke a sense of ground and home through my daily practices, and set free the part in me that dreams big.


I find the magic in the small little daily touches.

It only ever was the small things.

Writing is the way I understand my experience of life, and published my first poetry book in Spring of 2021. Speaking is a way I love to share my ridiculous joy for life, and often times film on my morning coffee walks as well as facilitate speaking engagements for both corporate and private clients. Travel is a necessity to my soul. Daily movement and sweating of any sort makes me feel alive. And I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am without my morning practice which always includes a coffee walk.

I am born and raised in Seattle, WA and have since lived in 5 countries thus far and nine American cities — and still couldn't tell you where 'home' physically is. I've spent a summer living in Tibet teaching English. I've found home in the jungle of Mexico, the bush of Australia. The artistic aliveness of Melbourne. The cozy rainy Winters in the countryside of England. I've found one of my soul homes in a little mountain town north of LA. I know that travel will always be a foundational piece to my joy, and am excited to see where 'home base' will continue to evolve to.

Blue Water

In life, it’s like we’re all waiting for the big moments. The big thing. The big bang, or own version of it. Tt’s like we’re waiting to get to the top of the mountain without realizing the big moment we’re in now. That every little moment that got us to the ‘big’ moment of no or yes or goodbye or I can't do this anymore or I am ready — we’re really the biggest moments of all.


The moments when we’re stopped dead in our tracks because of what life delivered us.


Yet somehow here we are. Somehow we got up. Somehow we kept believing in our breath. In our story. In that feeling of something inside that somehow was bigger than everything else that didn’t believe.


It’s wild, really. This life. These years that we're gifted as this human that we are. These people we interact with, these places we move between. The jobs we take, the apartments we live in, the partners we love, the friendships who reveal to us who we innately are. and the moments when it feels like it’s just you moving amongst the world alone.


Maybe this seemingly ordinary moment of us all together, eyes closed, hearts opening is the big moment after all.


How good can it be?

How good can it be?

How good can we let it be?

Let it be,

let it be,

let it be

// Cassedy O'Neill


250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

2017 / Philadelphia, PA

Graduate of Accredited Life & Leadership Training Program

2019 / Washington, DC


2019 / Los Angeles, CA

Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Attunement

2019 / Philadelphia, PA & Denver, CO

Breathwork Facilitator

2020 / Los Angeles, CA

I completed my 200 hour YTT + 50 hour Extensions at CorePower Yoga

  • I went on to coach two 200 hour teacher trainings as well as lead a 50 hour extensions program while teaching weekly classes

I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching

  • Accredited year-long in person ontological coach training program

I became a Numerologist in a 1:1 study

  • I have since trained over 45 individuals to become Numerologists themselves in my group Numerology Course

  • Teacher: Traci Rosenberg

I became Level 1, Level 2, and Master Level Reiki

  • And since then have attuned multiples individuals into Master Level Reiki as well as worked privately and in groups with clients for Reiki energy work

  • Attunements by: Samantha Schultz (Level 1), Dani Dillard (Level 2 & Master)

I became a Breathwork Facilitator

  • And have since held bi-weekly classes virtually and now work with corporate clients as well as private groups

  • Teacher: Rob Starbuck


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

BA, School of Hotel Administration

  • I had a whole career in Hotels! I was the Area People & Culture Director for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants in Philly for two of their hotels with three restaurants for four years when I left the industry. 

Extra, extra

  • Zodiac signs: Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon and Scorpio Rising

  • Human Design: I am a 5/1 Generator 

  • Numerology: My Soul + Life Path numbers are both 8

Work with Me

Past work/Upcoming Workshops

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