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Drop me a line! I love dropping in with humans around this world - even if it's just a hello! Also please do reach out for any media inquiries or collaborations. If you are interested in working with me and it isn't necessarily listed as an offering on my website, reach out and let's see what wants to be created. I am always evolving and naturally my offerings are as well. Let's make it magic.


Cassedy O'Neill

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“who am i?”

she whispers

she murmurs —



come take my hand

let us bring

our toes

to the edge

of the river —

let me show you

who you are”


we arrive

“you see?

you see?

you are flow and fantasy

you are rough and smooth

all at once

you are the sun

that hits the water

and you are

the glimmer

of light

she holds onto

in her reflection

you are vast

you are deep

you are wise

you are true


you are the heartbeat

the harmony

of it all




and you are the strength

and integrity of the basin

that holds it

you are limitless

you are infinite

you are Home

/ Cassedy O'Neill

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