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To be who we are

to really pin point

and nail

that which you

already are,

describe yourself in

one word: JOY

i say,

but how does the

owl write about

its silent flying?

how does a lion

write about its

regal power?

you don’t, i guess

you just be it,

breathe it all the

fucking way in -

to every little

corner and


and you let


the prayer

you pray

joy, i say

sunshine & light

& truth

just because,

just because

damn it

feels so good

to be who we are

the innate essence

that we each and

we all

chose in this life,

maybe we need

clearer &



around to reflect

it all back

to us

until it

all cracks

as truth

right back

and we can


see ourselves

// Cassedy O'Neill



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