Numerology Readings!

Are you reading to have your mind blown?

And your soul understood?

Are you ready to discover your soul’s plan for you in this lifetime?


Numerology is said to be the only universal language in the world.

A vibrational language.

A powerful language that reveals the blueprint for your souls DNA agenda in this lifetime.


All based on calculations from your birth name and date of birth.

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This language dates back to 500 BC when Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, started studying the vibration of the different letters in our alphabet and the vibrational meaning that they carry. He studied the combination of different letters and how they create different vibrational patterns that FORM OUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

Our whole world is energy vibrating at varying states and Numerology offers a system which allows us to understand the universal as well as personal qualities of vibrational patterns working together to represent one’s life.

Cass calculates your full Life Orientation Chart from your birth name and birth date and reveals around 15 numbers that provide a layer of understanding and clarity and truth for your life.

Through this reading, you will discover your soul’s plan in this lifetime. Your core essence will be revealed. Your life life lesson will be revealed. Your primary life achievement will be revealed. Your soul number will be revealed. Your additional lessons will be revealed. Your active challenge will be revealed. As well as many other numbers that reveal information about the life opportunities that are most available to you!

Discover how to work with these patterns so that you can get the most out of your life.

When you are ready to OWN YOUR POWER, a Numerology Reading is an ideal way to help you fully understand the deepest aspects of yourself.

In addition to the Life Orientation Chart, Cass also offers Numerology readings for

Personal Year readings

Name Changes

Business Names

& Baby Names

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