She bops, she grooves, she slides, she baps through life. She is tuned in. Yes, she was probably born with this — after all rhythm is not taught —but she has certainly sharpened her ear through her recent world wanderings and work experiences.

Living, working and hitching across 4 continents has a way forcing you to tune in. It launches you outside the bubble of your own beat and in-pounds the conflicting beats of every culture, every conviction. We can choose to tune those out, or allow them to add the music of our own life. To light up the magic that lives within, the magic that begs to be released from within the confines of our own skin. You can only guess which route this one took.



Cass believes that we all have an innate light that lives within us.

She aims to be a reservoir of joy, a mirror for authenticity & for manifesting a life of our deepest wildest dreams.



She believes that life really begins with a simple ‘yes’ outside of your comfort zone, out of your normal monotony of life. She believes this because she has lived it, and now she is a light chasing, love making, joy giving, yes saying human who wants to continually share & connect, particularly through words & movement.

Love is her potion.

Joy is her inspiration.

Truth is her only way.


instagram @cassoneill